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For 2023 and beyond, People Skills will be more important than ever. 


Are yours where they should be?  What about your Organization's collective EQ?  

Not so hot? That's OK! We've got solutions for you.

If you truly care about people you must up your Emotional Intelligence game.

Young Teacher

The Why.

We're Jeremy Wortman and Harry Lakin, founders of The Academy of Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

Our singular goal is to help businesses and those within them to become more people-centric, better communicators and increase their EQ.

We do this by teaching a simple yet highly effective way to improve individual and by extension organizational Emotional Intelligence.  

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Listening to the Teacher

We Guarantee Ways to Improve the  Emotional Intelligence of any Individual or Organization.


Begin your EQ journey by learning to better understand your natural behaviors and how those can work for you and against you.


Move further down the EQ path and take your newly gained self understanding and learn how to better apply this to your interactions with others - thus showing greater empathy and social skills.


Put all your newly acquired EQ knowledge together to make entire teams and organizations more cohesive and work seamlessly. 

The best investment you can make, is in yourself.

-Warren Buffet


"I liked that we were able to go deeper than just working with each other.   I think there's a lot of unsaid things in our department & hopefully this helps us understand each other & communicate better."

Ashish Patel

"Jeremy is an engaging and a gifted communicator, able to generate excitement about what he is passionate about.  His illuminating and real world stories/example were great by way of application."

Miriam Johnson

" I loved learning about everyone's talents."

Cindi Gordon

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