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 In 2023, it's all about...People Skills.

What we used to call "Soft Skills", today we call People Skills or more succinctly, Essential Skills.  The single best way to improve People Skills is to improve ones Emotional Intelligence (EQ).  Improving EQ not only makes for better human to human connections, it has real world benefits too - like increased earning potential, improved job performance and enhanced relationships, both in and out of the workplace.

Why it matters as an Employer

Today, employees want to work for a company that pays more than lip service to the people side of their business. If we've learned anything since 2020 it's that employees will leave if they are not valued for the individuals they are. Our exclusive EQ badges on your company website and career site tells the world that you truly care about your people. EQ training from The Academy of Emotional Intelligence is a smart business decision!

Business Colleagues
Job Candidate

Why it matters as an individual.

The data is clear - leaders that are EQ savvy earn about $29,000 more per year on average than their non-EQ counterparts. In addition, certified EQ skills make you more marketable in an increasingly competitive market.  EQ training is a way stand out in a crowded market.

A boss has the title, a leader has the people.

 - Simon Senek

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