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Climb the EQ ladder to personal and Organizational success!

Self Understanding, the Key First Step.

The first step in EQ improvement is true and deep self understanding.  We may "think" or believe we have a good handle on who we really are - what motivates and drives us - but science tells us that we really don't.

At AoEQ, our process begins by learning who we really are...and what makes us tick. We do this through behavioral science and self discovery exercises. Once we're no longer making assumptions, we can begin to understand how we impact those around us, both positively and negatively.

When we can honestly quantify these things about ourselves, Emotional Intelligence begins to take root.

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Tell The World You're EQ Certified

Whether individually or as an organization, once you complete our first class in the improvement of Emotional Intelligence, you earn our Bronze Badge and can start holding yourself out as EQ Certified.


You can proudly display this badge on your Company website, career-site or refer to it on your resume.  We even have clients put it in their e-mail signatures!

Employees want to work for, and companies want to hire for Emotional Intelligence.

EQ Certification, from The Academy of Emotional Intelligence is a competitive advantage.

But our journey does not stop there!  Up next, Silver Badge status.

Evaluation at Desk

It's on to...Self Regulation and Your Why...

Once you understand just what drives you, it's time to take the next step in your EQ Evolution.

This course is a combined curriculum - helping you regulate what might normally cause you to "react" and also fostering a deeper understanding of why it is that you do what you do.  We might label this, self regulation and self motivation, but that would be doing it an injustice...because it's more than that.  

Through our unique curriculum, we take you through a journey of critical thinking exercises about yourself and then we help you write your Leadership Legacy.  It's continuous self-discovery at an even deeper level.

Careful now, your Emotional Intelligence is starting to show!

Keep up the good work!  Go Silver!

Expanding your EQ knowledge to have better strategies to keep your negative impulses at bay is critical to interpersonal success.  Further, truly understanding why we do what we do sheds light on our real motivations. Once you've completed our second class in the improvement of Emotional Intelligence, you earn our Silver Badge and can hold yourself out as EQ Certified, Silver.


Feel free to display this badge proudly on your Company website, career-site, resume and social media...literally anywhere you'd like to display your study of EQ.

Employees want to work for, and companies want to hire for Emotional Intelligence.

EQ Certification, from The Academy of Emotional Intelligence is well worth the effort.

Next stop...Grab the Gold!


It's time to bring it the team.

Building EQ is like most skills. It starts with a solid foundation and progresses upward from there.


We began with learning about ourselves, moved on to learning how to stifle our natural negative tendencies while simultaneously accentuating our positive ones and also digging deep into what our intrinsic motivations are.

Now it's time to take all we've learned about ourselves and apply it to others by adding empathy and social skills into the mix.  Once this is accomplished, you'll be displaying EQ to not only yourself, but with the others in your orbit as well.

At The Academy of Emotional Intelligence, you'll learn how to how to make your entire organization function as one seamless body that is inclusive, transparent and high functioning.

This is what employees today really want - to work for organizations that understand them for the individuals they are and treats them the way they want, NEED to be treated.


Now that EQ works for you, watch productivity and retention soar!!!

Group Seflie

The Pinnacle!

Nothing says success like gold and the Gold Badge from The Academy of Emotional Intelligence proclaims to the world that you and/or your organization put people first.

As an employer this makes your Company a desirable place to work. The value of this can not be overstated!  As an individual, you are telling potential employers that you take Organizational success seriously and are well positioned to advance your leadership career, by including others in the highest functioning way possible.


It takes something more than intelligence to act intelligently.


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